Humans vs. Nature

Humans are constantly attempting to overcome nature. Whether they are trying to climb mountains, swim with sharks, or strand themselves on a deserted island, humans are convinced that we are superior to nature and dominating the natural world comes at ease. However many people who actually come in direct contact with nature are humbled when they realize that this expectations are very unrealistic. Even though we have found ways to conquer nature through our technology, each of us individually has no knowledge or power when it comes to facing the wild. Many people view making contact with nature as a sublime aspect, because it causes us to be in awe or feel emotional, and allows us to feel as if we are part of a greater magnitude. I agree with this in a sense, that the sublime exists and people utilize it as a means of discovering themselves. On the contrary, I don’t think that looking at nature through the sublime is the only way to view it. I believe that humans and nature should be viewed almost on the same level, especially since we originated from the natural world.


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