Sharks are Beautiful

From the time we were little kids, society has instilled the idea in us that sharks are evil and malicious creatures. Through movies such as Jaws, Open Water, and even Finding Nemo or the Little mermaid, sharks are portrayed as monstrous beasts who prowl the waters looking for humans to kill. Images in realistic movies show sharks slicing through the water creeping towards their prey, with their fins sticking ominously into the air. Music that invokes fear or nervousness is also played during movies when sharks are being shown. Automatically, because of the way they are filmed, and the suspenseful music in the background, humans are naturally going to fear sharks. Also in children’s movies, sharks are always enormous with big large teeth, and they chase the main character of the movie. Therefore, kids are going to assume that sharks are the “bad guys”. Personally I believe that sharks are incredible animals, and they are completely misunderstood. I have been swimming and scuba diving with sharks since I was a little girl, so I’ve never been afraid of them. I think people are so fearful because we don’t know that much about them. Usually when humans are unsure about something or perceive it as different, they reject it and become fearful. If we knew more about sharks, then we wouldn’t be so terrified of them. Thayer Walker talked about how he went on a shark dive in a cage with Great Whites. Over the summer when I went to Fiji, I was lucky enough to work with a shark diving company, educating people about sharks and going on hundred foot dives with tourists. It was an incredible experience, and a perfect way for people to not fear sharks anymore. We were feeding the sharks, without any cages, as they surrounded us. Once I was immersed in over thirty bull sharks, who are constantly depicted as evil. However, I pet them and fed them with my own hands, not being harmed at all. I am not saying that these animals are like cuddly domestic dogs, but they have no intention of harming us. The only time I was a little bit fearful was when an 18 foot tiger shark swam up to me. She was truly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, with stripes racing down her muscular back as she glided through the deep blue water. Tiger sharks are arguably the most dangerous sharks in the world. Even though they are a bit smaller than Great Whites, they are much more ferocious and aggressive. I stroked her stomach as she swam over me, and felt completely put in my place. There wasn’t a hint of aggression or hate in her eyes. The only evilness when it comes to sharks is how people treat them.


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